Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sherrod & Graham OH BOY!

2 topics: Sherrod and Graham...both are ridiculous in so many ways that I can't even begin to cover them all.

First, as to the Sherrod speech. I heard the uncut speech played on television this morning that put it into "context" and I have to say, applause when she said she didn't help the farmer  because he was white absolutely shows the racist menatlity. Sure there was applause through out, but at that particular moment in her speech had there not been any form of racism within the NAACP; you could have heard a PIN DROP, but no, that was not the case. The left will argue that of course there will be applause, it's part of the interaction between speaker and audience. True, but in this case it is not just interaction, but approval of her statement...she hadn't made her point yet, she was working up to it, but still her audience was pleased when she said she didn't help the farmer because he was white. If a Conservative or Tea Party member had said that very thing; do you not think people would be ALL over them regardless of the Context? They would. You can count on it.

As for Mr. Graham. Please go away. You are an idiot. I listened to you speak about supporting the nomination of Kagan. You wouldn't have nominated her but you will support her nomination because the president nominated her? If she isn't good enough for YOU to nominate, why is she good enough for someone else to nominate?  BTW Mr. Graham, just because the President nominates her does not make her qualified, experienced or unbiased.  She is but another puppet for Obama.  She has only limited experience as a lawyer and ZERO as a judge, but yet some how she will make a wonderful life long appointed Supreme Court Judge?  A liberal who will disregard the Constitution every chance she gets and who will support the government when it wishes to impose laws for which it does not have the authority to impose.  Good JOB Lindsey, now please, Go away! I think the far left liberals are calling you home.

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