Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dangerous People Food & Dog treats! Important!

This is a must read.  I thought I was pretty "up" or informed on all things bad for my dogs, but I learned a few things reading this.  If you have dogs or know someone w/dogs or are contemplating adopting a dog; please take a moment and read this.  It is IMPORTANT for the health and life of your biggest fan; your dog(s).

Dangerous Foods! READ This!!!
The biggest fan you will ever have; your dog(s)!!!
*No that is not me in the picture.  It is a very good friend of mine. She was meeting my big dog Jiminy for the very first time.  I think the love is mutual.


  1. You know the love is mutual...I miss my bf Jimmer!!!!

  2. Absolutely! You area very good Auntie to them and a Friend to me!