Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Americans sent a Message

American citizens sent a message loud and clear to the President and to Democrats in yesterdays elections.

If ANY of you who retained your seat or gained a seat haven't quite heard the message; don't worry, we will vote you out next time.
Americans have had enough!

Do you think your job is over? You voted, you helped create an historical take over in the House, so you're done right? 


Now we must make our newly elected representatives do what they said they would do that gave them the seat they were elected (key word there, elected) into.  We the PEOPLE must hold them accountable, make our voices heard! If we sit idly by and do nothing .... well, we get what we deserve.

This off year election was amazing!  So many people were fired up and ready to vote and they did! They turned out in droves!

Very exciting times!  Lets keep the momentum moving and make this country what we want and not what the Government wants.  This is OUR republic and don't you let them forget it!

*** Special thanks to Missourians!  Thank you for passing Prop B! You REALLY done good!
Oh behalf of my dogs and myself, we thank you thank you thank you!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

doggietruths: Need Help for a Doggie Friend

doggietruths: Need Help for a Doggie Friend

Top 10 reasons to vote!!!!

VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. And If you need any reasons why you should vote, vote, vote, here are our top ten reasons...

10. Send Harry Reid back to the posse in Nevada!

9. Remove Dictator Pelosi from her throne as Speaker!

8. Send a message to all our representatives: Listen to the people, or you’re out!

7. Repeal the Stimulus Package!

6. Repeal Obamacare!

5. Repeal everything these thieving Marxists and socialists have been doing!

4. Rescue our economy!

3. Free the job-creators!

2. Free our children and grandchildren!

1. Finally, as Sarah Palin would say, to enrage the “corrupt bastards” in the news media!

Nuff said! Now go vote if you haven't already!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday to my boy Jiminy!

My sweet loving dog Jiminy turns 11 yrs old today.  I adopted him 3 yrs ago from a wonderful Sanctuary, The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, in Kanab, UT. 

Jiminy was taken off the streets in nearby Fredonia Arizona when he was 2 yrs. old.  After being held at the facility for the required time he was taken to Best Friends because his rescuer, Tom Corrigan, believed he was special and deserved a real chance at a forever home.

I ran across this picture of him on the Best Friends Network 6 years ago and fell instantly in love:

I couldn't adopt him for 3 yrs because my dog Bear had aggression issues and we were fighting for his life against Congestive Heart Failuer.  My Bear passed on May 8, 2007, my world shattered and my heart was crushed. About a month later I found myself on the Best Friends network again, looking at adoptable dogs....I saw Jiminy and inquired.  His official Gotcha Day is July 14, 2007.  He'd been recovering from ACL surgery and was very thin.
This next photo is a before and after....the picture on the right is from Aug. 2007...the picture on the left is from Aug. 2008.  What a year and a forever home can do!

Jiminy helped heal my heart from my loss of Bear.  He is an amazing dog who loves to give hugs and kisses.  He is almost 100lbs (I have to keep him under 100 due to arthritis & hip dysplasia).  I believe he is a German Shep/Malamute mix.

Here are some pictures of our life together:

Dog Park
Guarding the kitty
getting treats w/ his buddy Maverick
Jiminy's gotcha day 2010- hanging in the yard w/his brother Zephyr

At Best Friends w/one of his caregivers- before I adopted him
With sister Zinnia

Happy Birthday sweet boy!  I love you!!

Remember to VOTE!

As an American is it your duty and or obligation to VOTE!  It is simple and takes very little time but it is one of the greatest things you can do.

I would like to encourage every American to vote for the conservative that is on your ballot.  Which also means voting Republican. I know this causes great heartburn for many, but think about it this way.

The past 2 years have been hell for America.  They say that we have "recovered", but really, have we?  I think we have not. Now, think about who has been in power for your state up in Washington and at the local level.  Are they supporting big government (which is the opposite of what this country was founded on) and over the top spending?  Do they favor the Healthcare law or do they want it repealed so we can get something that will work in place? 

Have you been struggling financially?  Are you sick of the President telling you what to do and that you are too stupid to make your own choices? That the only way to move ahead is for the government to control more of our lives?

If the answer is yes then vote Conservative, which means voting Republican.

To all fellow conservatives - vote straight ticket Republican.  Granted, there will be some RINO's in there but they are better than hard wired liberals and we are bound to get more good Republicans than bad so VOTE straight Ticket!

All Americans, please vote. This is a right our ancestors fought hard for and especially in this politically charged time every single vote counts!