Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Please Vote!

Please follow the link below to cast your vote for Adventures in Canine Training.  I've used them and they are AWESOME!!!  Wonderful trainers who really do care about dogs and their owners.
Please cast your vote for them. It's real easy.  I know you can do it!
VOTE! WFAA - Adventures in Canine Training

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Need Help for a Doggie Friend

Bobby, AKA Burrito Bob aka Bob is an awesome yellow lab who needs some help paying his vet bills....His mom is a school teacher and as we all know they are never paid nearly what they are worth.
Bob has had to have many tests done and more are expected... they are trying to find out what is causing his "issues".  Cushings is suspected, but hasn't been confirmed.  His Vet bills are getting out of control and I want to help his mom.  Bob is a fig eatin, happy loveable lab

Can you help Bob??
Every little bit helps!!
Click on the link to help Bob: 

Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

It has begun...or maybe I'm just now seeing it?

I was wondering when the shift was going to come from blaming Bush to blaming all republicans for our current mess and now I have my answer; today.  At least this is the first time I have actually seen it specifically stated that we are in this mess because Obama gave into the Republicans and the Democrats did nothing. I suppose that comment came from a far left liberal - the one's that think Obama is not radical enough.  Those people scare me.  I know some and I like them politic's aside. In fact I consider one in particular like family, but their politics really scare me.

Lets take a look at the situation.

The Dems have been in control for approx. 4 yrs now.  Obama for 2 of those years.  Unemployment shot up over 8% once the stimulus was passed - Democrat support/not Republican (at least not entirely) even though the President promised it would not.

Housing Market collapsed - Freddie and Fanny are STILL in business - the housing issue started with a Democratic president...do you recall that it was Clinton who demanded banks loan money to people who would otherwise not qualify (it's all part of that spreading the wealth thing).  It crashed and bit us these last two years.
Health Care bill passage: You know, "Obamacare".  That bill that they said would help us (false), cut the deficit (false), the one where we get to keep our current insurance (false)and doctors (false), the one that was going to do SO much to cover EVERYONE (false) so much so that they made it mandatory for every American to have it or be fined (True).....Health care enforcement is now part of the IRS and you know how everyone LOVES the IRS!  Not only is it required, but the end result will be that everyone is covered but no one can get care!  Even my friend(s) in Canada have said that what the US has in place is awful.  There is so much wrong with the Obamacare that it would take too much time and space to discuss it all.  There is one word that sums it up: Disgusting! 

Student loans, cars, banking, ...the government has it's arms around all that now....just what the left liberal dems wanted.  Just what the Left Liberal Democratic President wanted.
I see no republicans here.  There ARE Republicans who voted for these, but those are not what this writer would describe as Real Republicans.  Those are RINO's and we are coming for them in the voting booths in November 2010 and 2012.

Simply put, if the state of the economy is good, if you like where the housing market is, the job market, National Security... then by all means; vote Democrat.....we will send the men in white coats for you because you are indeed crazy.

Law abiding Illegal Immigrants...

Yep, that's right.  That is what the Mayor of New York and his buddy Murdoch are claiming in their bid to get amnesty for illegals.  They are over looking the glaring truth of the matter....being in this country is a crime; yep, believe it. It is a CRIME.  Last time I checked breaking Federal Law is a crime.  No matter which way you swing it; crossing into this country illegally makes you a criminal.

Here is a link to a great blog on the subject:

Comprehensive Con Artists

I am not in favor of Mass deportation.  I like the argument the writer of the above link puts forth.
Enforce the law which will in turn lead to self deportation of the illegals.  It won't be over night and it won't be en Mass, but it will happen.  Not only will they be leaving, but the the numbers trying to get in will decrease...except those who want to transport drugs and or weapons.  Those guys will just have to get more creative, but with our resources not totally strapped; our Border patrol and others will have the means to go after them and stop a larger majority.

Just think about if for a minute.  All that $$ we as a nation spend on illegals in ALL aspects of our life...medical, food, welfare, crime, deaths etc....reduced.  All those illegals dying in the dessert to get here, reduced.  It is a win win.