Saturday, December 31, 2011

Donations still needed....please

My boy Jiminy still needs funds to do the Stem Cell Therapy to give him back his mobility and out of pain.
This is a great new avenue for dogs who suffer from painful joints and hip issues. It can also help a host of other issues.
Jiminy is a beautiful big boy who saved my soul and I would do anything to save him from the daily pain he endures. He's on all the good stuff and pain medication, but at a certain point that doesn't help much any more. He's healthy and so worth the effort of doing this. If you could meet him; you would love him - he insists on it.
As big as he is, most people are not afraid of him. Why? Because he simply emits waves of love and gentleness to all who meet him. He's not scary at all, but a loving guy who loves to make new friends as often as possible. People AND Canine. His favorit is little dogs, but he does well with big dogs too.
If you can't help financially, please share his chipin page. You never know who is out there that can pitch in a little. Every penny helps and every penny is deeply appreciated.

This is Jiminy with his sister Zinnia... she's laughing at him about something and he is not amused.

Here he is posing for a picture for our 1st Christmas in our new home.

This demonstrates how big Jiminy is... He loved laying on the couch but shortly after this picture was taken, he was no longer able to climb up on to the couch (or the bed). I want to give that back to him.
Here is his chipin link -

I'm hoping to get to at least 75% by next week (Jan 2, 2012) What a gift it will be for Jiminy to run and play, get up on the couch and snuggle on the bed again.
Thank you VERY much.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Response to the Left

Below is a response I wrote on another Blog. The initial post was about Snopes. A left wing supporter posted a comment about the the right-wing's view on success that was so wrong, I felt the need to set him straight. Below is my attempt to do so:

While your explanation of right wing and success is totally skewed and probably so deeply engrained in your brain that discussing the matter with you is pointless; I feel I must voice my own opinion anyway, because that’s what this blog is about.

Your words:
“I generalize about the right-wing when I say they seem to attribute success in business to superior personal qualities. Simplifying, by this I mean that the right-wing in general tends to assume wealth is necessarily the result of independent effort, honesty, and”good personal choices”, just as they tend to equate poverty with a lack of laudable personal qualities, believing as they seem to do that equal opportunity is there for all, and lack of success represents a lack of ambition, laziness and “poor personal choices”.

A right winger conservative response:

Achieving success in the business world does not automatically entail superior personal qualities. It does however point out that you have a brain. That you understand the workings of business, what it takes to make something work and how to make a profit. Unfortunately the left villianize anyone who can do this and want to take any profits away because it’s “not fair”. As for the “good personal choices” part; in a way, yes, but I’d revise that to say, “smart personal choices” along with hard work and dedication.
Your assessment of the poverty is so far skewed I am not even sure I can effectively respond, but I will give it a shot. You are where you are because of the choices you make. I was (for many many years) deep into the poverty well. I worked hard, but had nothing to show for it.. because I wasn’t working smart. I went to school and worked 3 part time jobs, but got nowhere. So I re-evaluated….. what I was doing wasn’t working so I knew I had to reverse course and try something different. I figured out my passion and I started making steps to live my passion. Did it happen overnight? No, but it did happen. My credit was shot, I had no money, but I had a desire and a plan. I made a list of what I wanted to do and I went for it. 10 years later my credit was great, my job situation finally got better and I obtained 2 degrees (with student loans which I am STILL paying for). In a nutshell, living in poverty isn’t necessarily a choice, but it isn’t my fault that someone is and while there are exceptions and special circumstances that fall outside the general population, everyone in America has more opportunity (unless Obama has anything to say about it) than most people in other countries. Because you are poor doesn’t mean you are a lesser person – it just (generally speaking here) means you’ve made some bad/wrong choices. I made some, then I changed course. My ex-spouse on the other hand continued to make the same choices and do the same things and he is still living just like we did all those years ago. Moving from place to place because we couldn’t pay rent, no phone, no insurance and borrowing money from family and friends just to get gas and food.
Your view of the right is skewed and has made you believe that everyone is entitled to what everyone else has, regardless of what they did to achieve it. That is wrong. Re-distributing wealth is a disgusting left wing philosophy that breeds feelings of entitlement and victimization where there is none.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I am getting fired up again...

Its been a while since I ranted on here, but I'm getting fired up again so new posts should be arriving soon.

I am back on Illegal entery into the US and some other political stuff.

After dealing with health issues with my dogs, financial uncertainty and the complete idiocy over the "debt ceiling"; I am about ready to loose my mind.

Can people really be so blind?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tucson Tragedy

My thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone who was affected by the terrible events that unfolded in Tucson over the weekend.

I hear that "church" that likes to protest is planning on being at the funeral of the little girl, Christina Green, to protest. I am all for free speech but there comes a time when you need to be responsible for what you do and this is not the place to let your voice be heard. Of course that is reasonable thinking and that church is not comprised of reasonable individuals so there is no point in continuing a discussion... the only thing left to do is to take action and I understand there are LOTS of people in the Phoenix and Tucson area that are going to do just that! Thank God for them!

On another note, there has been much to do over the politizing of the shooting. I've heard reports that the shooter was a left wing nut job...ok, that's not unusual... but wait! He smoked pot! oh well then that makes ALL the difference.

The fact of the matter is the guy, no matter what political side he affiliated with, was not right in the head. He had a history of odd, disturbing behavior. Someone told me they had never heard of a Liberal going off like that... well, now you do. Or maybe you don't. The point is that it does not matter. What does matter is that there were tons of red flags out there and this guy was still able to kill and wound a lot of people. The ball was dropped; tragedy happened.

My prayers are with the people affected by this man's actions.