Friday, August 20, 2010

Awesome Home For Sale in Arizona! Support ARIZONA - near Best Friends Animal Sanctuary!

Anyone looking to move out to Arizona?  Anyone know anyone?  Dog lovers who want a great dog friendly house.  It's clean and tidy, ready to move in and very dog friendly - for those of you who want or have a dog(s).
And BONUS:  If you (or anyone) know about Best Friends Animal Society and have always wanted to "live out there"'s your chance!  This awesome place is just 15 easy breezy miles from the Sanctuary! 

Check the home out at this link:
Awesome Arizona home for Sale

Need more information? Contact the Owner/Seller Lori Corrigan at 435-689-1929 or via email at:

You Won't regret it!

Pass the word around about this great home available for sale in Arizona!  Support Arizona!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

$600Mil - Too much or too little too late?

So the House passed a $600 million fund for the border.  What do you think?  Is it great! or does it stink?

Do you think 600 million is enough?  Too much?

I am VERY Passionate about border security (as if I needed to tell you) so I want to know your take on it.  I am very curious to see if the majority is in favor of the $600 million and if so, why and if not, why.

Give me your best shot.  I'm changing the comment requirements so comments will post immediately.  By doing this I am in NO WAY stating my approval or acceptance for comments.  Keep it civil and clean please.

I'm waiting, what is YOUR opinion??

Friday, August 6, 2010

Immigration article from Oct 2006 Bush lets down Mexico..

seems Bush upset the Mexican President... I'm guessing Obama does not want to repeat those steps seeing how Mr. Calderon not only came to the US but trashed us to the applause of the Democrats and our President.  Seems trashing America is the IN thing to do now; our current President sure does enough of it.
See the article here:
Mexico: Bush let us down Oct.2006

Failure to enforce: Impeachable offense?? yes, no?

Just read a great article that spells it out perfectly.  State Sen. Russell Pearce, the chief architect of Arizona’s tough immigration law tells it like it is.  Most telling or one of many most telling is when he states that the silence is deafening....the silence from the Government regarding the 1 million dollar bounty on Sheriff Joe's head by the Mexican Drug Cartel.  Why?  Why would our government stay so silent on this issue?

Read the interview with State Sen. Russell Pearce here:

Impeachable?  What do you think?  Yay, nay, undecided? 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Breed Ban on Military base housing

This paragraph says it all as to how strongly people feel about their dogs. 

"At Ft. Bragg, a member of the military who also preferred his name not no be used said he currently owns a pit bull that was grandfathered into the base housing. He and his wife opted not to purchase a home off base because he had planned to attend Physician's Assistants school at Ft. Sam Houston later this year. After the ban was implemented and they realized that they would need to surrender their dog if they moved to another base, he abandoned this idea completely. He only has one year until he is asked to re-enlist. They have decided that if at that time, the Army wide breed bans are still in place, he will get out of the Army all together to ensure the safety of his family. "

Read the entire article here:

Military bans "bad breeds"

As a dog lover and as one who has 3 dogs of my own, this is an outrage.  We need to protest. The military today, you home town next.  Could you give up your dog?  I couldn't and I wouldn't.

In Loving Memory - Bear  Rest In Peace sweet boy. 5/8/07