Monday, August 2, 2010

Breed Ban on Military base housing

This paragraph says it all as to how strongly people feel about their dogs. 

"At Ft. Bragg, a member of the military who also preferred his name not no be used said he currently owns a pit bull that was grandfathered into the base housing. He and his wife opted not to purchase a home off base because he had planned to attend Physician's Assistants school at Ft. Sam Houston later this year. After the ban was implemented and they realized that they would need to surrender their dog if they moved to another base, he abandoned this idea completely. He only has one year until he is asked to re-enlist. They have decided that if at that time, the Army wide breed bans are still in place, he will get out of the Army all together to ensure the safety of his family. "

Read the entire article here:

Military bans "bad breeds"

As a dog lover and as one who has 3 dogs of my own, this is an outrage.  We need to protest. The military today, you home town next.  Could you give up your dog?  I couldn't and I wouldn't.

In Loving Memory - Bear  Rest In Peace sweet boy. 5/8/07

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