My Dogs!

There is something special about a dog....that's why I have three! 

I started out back in 2003 getting my first dog, Bear.  He was at the SPCA, 3 1/2 mo. old and after searching for many months I knew the second I laid eyes on him; he was the one for me.
Sadly, Bear was born with a bad heart. He had Congestive Heart Failure.  We fought hard and we beat the odds.  Bear was diagnosed just before his 1st birthday (approx. 10 mo. old) and the prognosis was grim. They said that dogs with this condition live 6 mo to 2 years max.  Bear lived to be 4 1/2 yrs old.  His care cost me a fortune and limited my social activities (he had to have his meds at exactly the same time every single day), but I would do it all over again, even knowning how it ends.  Bear crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 9pm on May 8, 2007, resting on our bed, on his blankie, surrounded by friends who loved him.  I was holding his head and speaking softly to him.  His awesome vet gently set Bear free with tears of sadness
Bear taught me a lot and gave me such unconditional love.
BEAR (RIP wonderful boy)

Next Came Jiminy
Jiminy came to me from the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT on July 14, 2007. I'd seen his picture three years earlier on their adoption page, but because Bear had aggression issues I could not adopt Jiminy.  Jim Jim, Jimmers, Jimmaroonie....he saved me after loosing Bear. 

He helped heal my heart. Jiminy will be 11yrs old Nov. 2010.  He is a German Shepherd Mix and weighs right around 100lbs.  Jiminy was originally rescued off the streets of Fredonia, AZ at around the age of 2yrs. He was taken to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary because his rescuer though he was special and deserved a chance at a forever home.  He is an AWESOME dog boy!  His favorite thing is to give and get hugs.

Then came Zephyr:

Oh my little Zephyr!  AKA: Doodlebug, doods, doodle, Zephie, Zeph, Sprouthead (explained below) and Monkey boy.
Zephyr, his sister Zinnia, brother Timber and mom Autumn, were found in a culvert on an Indian Reservation in Kayenta, AZ.  Zeph, Zin and Tim were just babies at around 12 weeks old and all were near death suffering from a range of health issues.  When the rescuers saw the mom, Autumn, they thought she was dead.  They saw no movement, not even the slight rise and fall from breathing, so they concentrated on getting the pups (who were NOT please - they were feral (wild dogs)).  Someone noticed a slight movement with Autumn and found she was still alive.  All 4 were rushed to the Best Friends Sanctuary Clinic in Kanab, UT for immediate care.
Here are some pictures to give you an idea.  Zeph only had a few sprouts of hair on top of his head - hence the name Sprouthead.
Zinnia w/Timber

All three got Parvo, Zeph got it the worst...this is him in isolation due to Parvo
After their initial vet care all 4 were taken back to the Fredonia Humane Society (yep same place that rescued Jiminy) where they lived until adopted.  Mom was adopted and lives in Washington State with a wonderful couple and a pack of doggers.  Timber is still at the shelter and is being socialized by a great trainer from Best Friends, Pat Whitacre (who was also in on the rescue of these dogs from Keyenta).  Timber was by far the most feral.  Before Pat took him under his wing, Tim had not been touched by humans in two years.  You couldn't get near him and he did flybye bites(nips).  Zinnia falls next in line in terms of level of shyness/being feral.  She could be leashed and walked, but not handled.
Zeph was the most open to human contact but still quite shy, scared and feral. 

Zephyr is now a sweet loving silly goofy member of my family.  I adopted him on Feb. 1, 2008. It takes a lot of work to bring a shy, semi feral dog around, but he is worth it.  He still has issues outside of the house, but we are working on it.  At home with'd never know he was a shy / feral dog.  His favorite thing is getting butt scratches.

Finally there is Zinnia
Zinnie, Zee Zee, Zin and Roo Roo - what a sweet love she is.
Zinnia is Zephyrs littermate. I adopted her on August 16, 2009.  Zin was a bit harder to bring around than Zeph was, but she's making great strides.  She is almost to the point that at home with just me; you'd never know she was a shy/feral dog.  Zinnia is the caregiver, the nurse and the yoga queen as demonstrated here:

I love my dogs more than most people would understand.  There is a difference between owning a dog and having a relationship with a dog.  I wish everyone could experience the relationship.

I have a CAT too!  :)  Info will be forth coming.


  1. Lisa, this post is exceptionally wonderful in every way; I love LoVE LOVE seeing all your kids again! Hugs!

  2. Thank you!!! I am a very lucky doggie mom!

  3. lisa loved it I know how much you love these furkids and we can tellit in your writings how you talk about them like most of us do well our kids did this or that, then they ask how old and if people did not know they were here is the word dogs they would think they are human . Beautiful furkids lisa. love ya heidi