Saturday, December 31, 2011

Donations still needed....please

My boy Jiminy still needs funds to do the Stem Cell Therapy to give him back his mobility and out of pain.
This is a great new avenue for dogs who suffer from painful joints and hip issues. It can also help a host of other issues.
Jiminy is a beautiful big boy who saved my soul and I would do anything to save him from the daily pain he endures. He's on all the good stuff and pain medication, but at a certain point that doesn't help much any more. He's healthy and so worth the effort of doing this. If you could meet him; you would love him - he insists on it.
As big as he is, most people are not afraid of him. Why? Because he simply emits waves of love and gentleness to all who meet him. He's not scary at all, but a loving guy who loves to make new friends as often as possible. People AND Canine. His favorit is little dogs, but he does well with big dogs too.
If you can't help financially, please share his chipin page. You never know who is out there that can pitch in a little. Every penny helps and every penny is deeply appreciated.

This is Jiminy with his sister Zinnia... she's laughing at him about something and he is not amused.

Here he is posing for a picture for our 1st Christmas in our new home.

This demonstrates how big Jiminy is... He loved laying on the couch but shortly after this picture was taken, he was no longer able to climb up on to the couch (or the bed). I want to give that back to him.
Here is his chipin link -

I'm hoping to get to at least 75% by next week (Jan 2, 2012) What a gift it will be for Jiminy to run and play, get up on the couch and snuggle on the bed again.
Thank you VERY much.

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