Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Americans sent a Message

American citizens sent a message loud and clear to the President and to Democrats in yesterdays elections.

If ANY of you who retained your seat or gained a seat haven't quite heard the message; don't worry, we will vote you out next time.
Americans have had enough!

Do you think your job is over? You voted, you helped create an historical take over in the House, so you're done right? 


Now we must make our newly elected representatives do what they said they would do that gave them the seat they were elected (key word there, elected) into.  We the PEOPLE must hold them accountable, make our voices heard! If we sit idly by and do nothing .... well, we get what we deserve.

This off year election was amazing!  So many people were fired up and ready to vote and they did! They turned out in droves!

Very exciting times!  Lets keep the momentum moving and make this country what we want and not what the Government wants.  This is OUR republic and don't you let them forget it!

*** Special thanks to Missourians!  Thank you for passing Prop B! You REALLY done good!
Oh behalf of my dogs and myself, we thank you thank you thank you!

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