Thursday, July 22, 2010

SB 1070 hearings in Arizona

I ran across this Yahoo news article regarding the hearings today on the Arizona SB1070 law.  I wasn't going to post anything about it but after reading some of the statements by the Plaintiff's; I simply could not resist.

Here is the Yahoo Article:   Arizona lawsuits over SB 1070

I quote:
"ACLU attorney Omar Jadwat said the law's provisions are supposed to work together to achieve a goal of prodding illegal immigrants to leave the state. He called it unconstitutional and dangerous."

Just so you understand: ACLU stands for American Civil Liberties Union.  The key word here is AMERICAN.

Note to ACLU attorney Omar Jadwat: YES, it is specifically designed to remove/eliminate or otherwise delete person or persons in this country illegally.  You are saying Federal Law is Unconstitutional?  I suggest you sue the Feds then and not Arizona because they are simply following Federal law.  They are not circumventing it, they are not overriding it and they are not breaking it.  In contrast places in California are in fact breaking Federal Law and harming US Citizens in the process.  Denying them rights granted to them under the laws of the United States of America.

To the US Department of Justice: You need a mental health check.

I quote: "Justice Department lawyers contend that local police shouldn't be allowed to enforce the law because, in part, it's disrupting the United States' relations with Mexico and other countries."

Did you really stand before a judge and say police should NOT be allowed to enforce the law.....(take a deep breath and wait, let it sink in.....OK, now continue) because in part it's disrupting the US' relations with Mexico and other countries?  REALLY! Seriously, no way you believe that.  The United States has agreements in place specifically designed to work with other countries and it in no way allows for the illegal entry of people, the transporting of drugs and the illegal trade of weapons within those agreements.  SB1070 is in no way whatsoever related to any business we do with other countries; unless of course the US is in the illegal drug, people smuggling, murder and pillaging business. 
Eric Holder and anyone in the DOJ that is on board with this should be terminated IMMEDIATELY!

Of course, if this law is allowed to stand as written and illegals flee the area; I just bet the economy in Arizona will rise, crime will drop, and unemployment will drop.  Yep, a lot of things will drop and all of it good for America and Good for the citizens of Arizona.

It is a disgrace and an outrage that our very own government will side against it's own rule of law, enjoin with other countries, bankrupt and murder its own citizens because of demented reasoning and greed.

Stand strong and tall Arizona.  Americans stand with you and behind you.
God Bless America and God Bless Arizona!

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