Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am shocked and saddened....

I have not yet processed the information, I do not yet have a valid opinion to post, but I am unnerved by the blog post by Nathan Winograd.  I will admit; I had no idea of the depths this ran.
I did not know Best Friends did not really support Oreo's law.  Is that really true?  How can an organization that fought to save the pitties from M. Vick; not support Oreo's Law?  Oreo's law: prevent the needless killing of animals when there is alternative rescue available.

Here is the 1st article Nathan wrote:
Where is Best Friends

If you are unfamiliar with Oreo and Oreo's law, here is a snyopsis of the situation:
Oreo's Story

In New York City, a one-year old dog named Oreo was intentionally thrown off a sixth floor Brooklyn roof top by her abuser. Oreo sustained two broken legs and a fractured rib. Oreo also appears to have been beaten in the past—several of the neighbors in the building where Oreo lived reported hearing the sounds of the dog being hit. The ASPCA nursed her back to health and arrested the perpetrator. They also dubbed her the “miracle dog.”
The miracle was short-lived. According to the ASPCA, when Oreo recovered from her injuries, she started to show aggression. After a series of temperament tests, the ASPCA made the decision to kill her. The New York Times reported the story the day before Oreo’s scheduled execution. A sanctuary in New York offered to take Oreo, explaining that they had experience rehabilitating dogs deemed aggressive and offering her lifetime care, including plenty of socialization and walks if the rehabilitation was not successful.
They were ignored, hung up on and lied to. And the ASPCA chose to kill the dog instead. That afternoon, Oreo laid dead, the victim not of her former abuser, but of an overdose of poison from a bottle marked “Fatal-Plus,” at the hands of a shelter bureaucrat.
Following the furor that erupted over Oreo’s killing, New York State legislators introduced a bill to prevent animals from being killed by shelters when there is a lifesaving alternative offered by rescue groups.

Oreo's law was defeated recently and just today I read Nathan's blog about Best Friends and their position on the law...per Nathan.  I have not yet read a statement from Best Friends, but I will seek it out and see what they have to say.
I hope this is some awful misunderstanding of intent and position.  I pray the place I have come to love did not in fact sell out to politics.  The place that championed for the lives of the fighting dogs when so many other "groups" were calling for their death, did not let the animals and rescuers down.

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