Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'd risk death...

Pinal County
*short article w/a video.

“The men say they're tired, hungry and thirsty. The deputy gives them water. The men say they understand the risks of crossing illegally but they say there are no jobs in Mexico and they need to feed their family. All of them have crossed before; some were heading to California, others to North Carolina.”

No jobs in Mexico? Well look around Mr. Illegal; there aren’t a hell-of-a-lota Jobs here either! Say, why don’t you head to Michigan where there is 13.2% UN-Employment or say Nevada? I’m sure Harry Reid will help you find a job. He doesn’t care if Legal Americans have jobs or not, but you, for you he will help find you one. One that surely no legal American would do.

These aliens were not staying in Tucson, some were headed all the way to North Carolina (at 10% unemployment as of July 20, 2010). Do you still think illegal immigration is just a problem for the Southern border states? If you haven’t noticed; illegals permeate every sector of this country. Every crack and crevasse is loaded with them.

The article states that these Illegal Aliens would rather die than stay in Mexico? What does that tell you about Mexico? Why would any American Governor, Senator, and President etc. consider Mexico a friend and ally? Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has said that Mexico is a strong friend of Texas. I guess that means he likes having criminals in his state. Isn’t he up for re-election? I believe so. Unfortunately the only other candidate is a Liberal Democrat so that isn’t much better. At least with him you already know where he stands and do not expect him to support any state who wants to enforce Federal Law.

We go to war to help the people of other countries, to protect our people from clear and present danger. But we won’t do what it takes to protect ourselves from real and present danger to our South? What is wrong with this picture? Are we SO dependant upon Mexico that our legislatures in Washington are afraid to anger them? If so then we have given Mexico far too much power over America; not unlike our dependence of oil has given power to foreign countries. How did Mexico become so important to America that we will look the other way when its citizens pour illegal drugs, weapons and criminals onto our streets, when our very own government will sue one of its very own states as a rebellion for cracking down on what they perceive as a threat to Mexico? Are they so blind to see that the border of Mexico is a threat to us! That not only are drugs, guns, criminals coming across our border almost freely, but terrorists (non-Mexican) are also coming across. There is a war on our border; unfortunately we are not only fighting illegal aliens that are coming across, but our own government who supports them and their illegal entry into this country.

Seems to me this current administration could care less about what the American people want. Current Rasmussen polls state that 70% of Arizona voters approve of the Arizona law. According to the Sunshine News ( “A new poll reveals Floridians are strongly opposed to President Barack Obama’s administration suing Arizona for its measures of cracking down on illegal immigration -- and want a similar law in Florida.” This is was posted on July 21, 2010 (, but yet the DOJ feels compelled to file a baseless lawsuit against the State of Arizona. Not only that but is allowing other countries (i.e. Mexico) to join them. I ask you, what is wrong with this picture.

November 2010 can’t come quick enough (no I didn’t get the date wrong).

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