Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FOOLS and IDIOTS; are you one?

It is now official, the Department of Justice has filed suite against the State of Arizona because of the recent law signed by Governor Brewer relating to Illegal Immigration. Commonly referred to as S.B. 1070.

I have read the law, I'd be a fool and an idiot to argue for or against it if I had not in fact read it. So does this mean that I am calling Eric Holder, Obama and others fools because they didn’t actually read the law before criticizing it? Of course I am because THEY ARE! Do you differ in that opinion? My first question would be “why"? My second would be to ask if you too are a fool and or an idiot (this would be a rhetorical question).

Still disagree? Well then let’s look at it this way. Let’s take emotions out of it and look at it objectively or better yet, change up the scenario but leave the basic premise the same.
Let's take our buddy Tom.  Tom is an otherwise fairly intelligent person.  He has an education, he has a job, pays his bills, taxes and takes care of his family. Tom buys an airplane. Tom is not a pilot. Tom wants to fly the plane anyway. He tries and he crashes. Tom is dead and the plane is destroyed.

Is Tom a fool and or an idiot?

If you answered NO to that question then please stop reading now because there is no hope for you.

If you answered maybe….you can keep reading there might be hope.

If you answered “probably”, “most likely” or “absolutely” or anything else in the affirmative then you can keep reading.

Tom is absolutely a fool and an idiot because you cannot fly a plane unless you know how to fly a plane! Just like you can’t criticize a law if you’ve never read it. Just like you can’t comment on a book you’ve never read! Ok so you can comment but you’d be basing your opinion on hearsay and everyone knows that is not admissible in court; which leads us back to the point, Obama and friends who criticized the AZ law are FOOLS and IDIOTS because they criticized the Arizona law before ever reading it. I guess it was just too many pages. There are 17 pages to the final amended version. Have you seen the Health Care Bill/law, load of crap, unconstitutional bull shit and how many pages IT has??? I digress, I’m sorry. Let me get back to the subject at hand.

Would you publicly announce your opinion on a book that you have never read simply based on what 3rd parties heard from 3rd parties? If so, stop reading now, there is no hope for you.

For everyone else, please keep reading; there is hope for you.

As of today it is official; the DOJ has filed suit against the State of Arizona for the passing of S.B. 1070.
Can you tell me why and or what is so wrong about that sentence?  If not, please keep reading!

Why would the DOJ target Arizona and not say Oklahoma?  Oklahoma you ask, well why would they go after Oklahoma.  They would go after Oklahoma because it has passed illegal immigration law similar to that of Arizona.  You can check it out here:
HB 1804

Read it and compare it to Arizona's S.B. 1070.

Or maybe the DOJ should look at California? California! Yes really California.  Check out Penal code 834b... it's all there

Ca Penal Code 834b

Have you heard about Georgia's SB 529?  Here read it for yourself at:
SB 529 Georgia

I'm thinking Georgia better watch out for the DOJ as well, but they are probably safe.  Why?  Simply put it is because they do not share a border with Mexico and their border does not provide a gateway into the US. 

Why don't you ask yourself why the government has gone after Arizona and not these other states (there are probably more, I'm sure there are but I've not had time to research them all)?
What is so bad about the Arizona law and not the California law?  Go back and read the California Penal Code 834b and then read the Arizona SB 1070.  See any major differences? If not, read it again.  They are there!
California requires police to inquire as to your "status".  Contrary to wide false reporting, the Arizona SB1070 does not.  If you disagree, please copy and paste the language in to a comment and prove me wrong.

Take a good hard look at this situation my fellow Americans.  This is blatantly not about Arizona's SB 1070.  It is about keeping the border open.  Think about it, study and understand the reasons why Obama and friends want to fight AZ.  It's all right there in front of us.
Do I need to explain it?

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