Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What you can do and what I'm SICK of

First order of business:  You, the American people, need to get your voting skills honed and come November you need to get out there and take back this country!
Get the left liberal Democrats out of office and replace them with thinking conservatives!  I'd say it doesn't matter if the conservative is a Democrat or Republican, but I don't believe there is a conservative Democrat out there... it is a mythical creature.

Secondly, but not lastly, I am SICK to DEATH of the bullshit and lies coming from that guy in the White House.  He bold faced lied to us on 6/15/10, he thinks we are stupid and he is out to ruin this country.
It was sickening last night to watch his address from the Oval Office.  At the end, I could see how it pained him to say God Bless the United States of America.  He damn near choked on the words.  This man needs to go and needs to go NOW! 

The BP oil disaster... first off Mr. "President", it is NOT a damn OIL SPILL!  It is a disaster born out of another disaster where hard working people lost their lives. This happened due to a lack of responsibility from both government regulators and those in charge at BP....I suppose it was the "we'll look the other way BP since you contribute so much to our liberal causes".  That is what sealed the fate of those killed.

Do I want BP to pay and be held accountable... You bet your ass I do.  What I don't want to see is the oil drilling shut down  (deep water or shallow) for good or for BP to go bankrupt because the government reached in and grabbed them by the throat and strangled them with the "fund" ... what a load of crap that is!  Government has NO right to make the demands on BP that they are.  I hope BP stands up for itself and takes a good hard look at who they consider to be friends.

If BP goes under have you considered the impact that will have on us and on the people directly affected by the disaster?  Think about it for a minute and then tell me if you want to boycott BP.  Think about what the end result will be if BP goes bye bye.  I can tell you that it will not be good for ANYONE.  It will be very very bad.  You think it is bad now?  Just wait because if BP and other oil co. go down; we go down with them....sadly much to the delight of our current "president" and his cronies.

I am all for Green Energy, clean energy and a lessening dependence on oil both foreign and domestic, but the reality is that we are where we are and there is nothing out there that can take the place (even on a small level) of what we need oil for and until there is the fact remains that we NEED drilling, we NEED companies like BP and we NEED to ensure they are under the tightest scrutiny to ensure that safety measures work, back up plans are in place and will actually work and that there is a specific detailed plan of action for the worse case scenario times 10.

Until we are able to decrease our dependency on oil there is no place for us to go.  So get after it and lets find a way to decrease our oil need.  Until that time we better be damn sure we have our arms around the oil drilling and safety of it. 

Driving down oil drilling will be cutting our nose off despite our face.
Think rationally, think clearly, leave emotions out of it.  Consider the big picture, the consequences and the devastating impact on this entire country the next time you scream for the death of BP and off shore drilling.


  1. Lisa, you worded this much better than I could have; I'm loving your blog because you say what I WANT to say, but I don't have the facts and the ability to put it on the table like you! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Julie!! I try. I'm not perfect and I fully expect people to call me out if I have given wrong information. My opinion of course, is never wrong, but if I put facts out there that are I hope someone will nicely point it out. If I am wrong I will correct the mistake; I'm not above admitting my "oopsies". I strive to be accurate, but alas I am human and I will occassionally fail.