Friday, June 11, 2010

Secure Communities...good or bad?

Protest of Secure Communities

so this is a pilot program and 19 out of 22 illegals identified were classified as level 1 offenders...also known as Rapists and murderers... People have a problem with this?  Oh, no its the fact that family and friends will be caught up in it.. you know, those hard working honest criminals. 
So what they are saying is it is ok to deport high level criminals but those who are there for lessor crimes should not be deported....even though they are here illegally. Isn't that discrimination?  Isn't that what they are screaming at all the people who want secure borders; that we are racist and discriminating against them. 
I suppose this means that its ok if you are illegal and only commit a crime like say a mugging or some such thing.  Personnally, if you are illegal and you go through our jails, you go back to your country after serving your time and paying a fine.  We shouldn't discriminate against the higher level of criminal.

They are also claiming that this is a racist thing...not sure how a fingerprint does that.  Every criminal gets finger printed no matter how minor the crime.  That is not racist.  Every fingerprint will be sent to ICE; that is not racist. 
This arguement of theirs holds no water.

I fully support this action and I am not racist.  I am an American and I want our border secured! I want the illegals out and I'd like to see a slowing amount of incoming immigrants... I'll explain that in another post

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