Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. Illegal the rest of the story....

Get a load of these numbers:

In 2005 - there were 55,322 incarcerated illegal aliens studied by the Government Accountability Office
97% had more than one arrest and an astonishing 26% had over eleven arrests
Each illegal alien in the study averaged 13 offenses and 24% of those offenses were for drug crimes. About 12% were for murder, robbery, assault and sexually related crimes. 21% of offenses were immigration offenses.

Now, look at this information:

According to ICE; at the end of fiscal year 2008, there were 557,762 fugitive alien cases left unsolved.

California's border counties incurred $79 million in emergency care for illegal aliens
Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimated the medical cost of treating illegal immigrants in California in 2004 to be $1.5 billion. Today that figure would be much higher.
I obtained this information from the following article:
Illegal Immigrants are Career Criminals
It says all I wanted to say for me.

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