Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fair Pay for Illegals? Seriously?

So you come here illegally and then bitch about not getting paid fairly?  Amazing!

Worse than that is Hilda Solis" the Secretary of Labor: She's running an add that "whether documented or undocumented" workers are to be paid according to FLSA.

REALLY! What the hell? 

OK, maybe this is worse than that: Obama wants to use border security as a political tactic to get what he wants.....yeah, I'd say that man is looking out for the little guy.

What do I think about McChrystal's resignation and the appointment of Petreaus? Well, fine.  Do I think he should have resigned; not really, but who's to say I am not in the military so I can't pretend to know what that did in terms of his leadership ability.  Personally, I don't think it did anything but boost it.
Obama now totes Petraeus as qualified and competent and he has "complete confidence" in him.  Seriously? When did that happen.  Seems it wasn't that long ago you felt differently.

I have no faith in this President and I hope come November that Americans will stand up and say WE WILL BE HEARD! Obama is not our KING!

Take away his power.  Get this country back to what it is intended to be.  Where people are free to live and work.  Where people are not forced by the Government to enter into a contract with another private entity, where we are not taxed to the point of poverty, where our borders are secure, where our leader does not bow or apologize to foreign countries or rulers for "his" (stated lightly in reference to Obama) obnoxious country, were our President respects our rule of law and upholds the Constitution.

We do not need a President to "fundamentally change" America, we need a President that will stand strong against our enemies, encourage and allow private enterprise to grow and prosper and ensure that government is as it was intended to be a protector of this country, not a regulator over every inch of our lives.

God Bless America....I hope we can get her back.

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