Tuesday, June 29, 2010

US v. Mexico; Mexico Winning with the help of Obama and Congress

It seems Obama is giving Mexico $310 Million in accordance to the Merida Initiative (help combat the drug cartels etc), but he will only give $135 Million for our border security/protection.  Why?

Lets compare what the funds will go towards.  Let's start with Mexico since they are getting the bigger sum...it really should be good!
Mexico’s $310 million (On top of the millions already spent/given) will go towards black hawk helicopters, communication equipment, surveillance aircraft, military and law enforcement training.

The US $135 million will go towards: 1,200 National Guard to be divided up between TX, AZ, NM and CA and 22 miles of fence repair.

The most National Guard personnel that will be at the AZ border at one time (for 120 days) will 500 and some change. It will start with a hundred, tier up and max at something like 524…that will sustain for 120 days, then it will start to taper off again.

In “defense” (I can’t believe I am even saying that word in connection to Obama) of Obama; the Merida Initiative was signed by Congress in 2008; HOWEVER, one would think that a President would allocate at least double that to secure and protect our own border.

Simply providing aid to Mexico and Central American countries without amplifying things on our side; won’t do much. Why is Congress so STUPID! This is not just Obama’s doing; this was in fact done while Bush was in office; under a Democratic rule though.

I hear today that Obama is now pushing for $500 million.....lets wait and see what happens.

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