Sunday, May 30, 2010

Champ gets his Angel Wings...

Meet Champ, he is a German Shepherd Dog who got his Angel Wings today due to stomach Cancer.  He was awaiting adoption at a Sanctuary/rescue.  It was a wonderful place, he was taken care of very well, but most of all Champ was loved.  Here is what his Adoption bio said:

Champ is a neutered male GSD, he has German registry papers and even
German shot records! This boy is the friendliest, sweetest GSD ever. He
gets along well with other dogs, would be good with adults or children. He was owner-surrendered due to killing a neighbor's goats.
Champ is a great companion for people and other dogs, but please, NO LIVESTOCK or cats.

I got the pleasure of meeting Champ in person...he was a stunning dog.  I had admired him from afar via his picture on the internet, but because I have a cat there was no way I could adopt him.  It broke my heart but I knew he had a good life where he was......not as good as a forever home but good nonetheless.

The loss of a animal companion is difficult at best, devestating at worst.  I am so so heartbroken that Champ has to leave this earth and I only met him once. Tears streamed down my face when I got the news that today would be the day he gets his Angel Wings.

It is amazing how your heart can hurt for a dog you barely knew. 

Still think only mutts are what you will find available for adoption? 

To my friends who loved him, who took care of him and who had the strength to set him free; I thank you and I love you.  Champ thanks you too and he'll be watching over you from above, thankful for the love he received at your hand..
RIP beautiful boy. 


  1. Thank you dearly for your tribute to Champ. He would have only had a few weeks if adopted into a forever home, but the important thing is that he was so very well loved and enjoyed for his days with us at the rescue. He is and was an amazing and wonderful German Shepherd.

  2. Hugs Jools. You are right, he was amazing. So cute when I saw him at your place.
    Love and hugs