Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming home to dogs...

There is just something wonderful about coming home to a dog or dogs, I mean really, who is ever that excited to see you... EVERY time you walk through the door? Definitely not the cat!

After a long day of doing what I do, coming home to my dogs breathes a breath of joy back into my soul and it is again filled with all things light and good.

Coming home to a cat....something different entirely....

Scenerio 1 - Dogs:  Open door, see dogs, dogs bark excitedly, run to you, jump up to give you a kiss (or 10) get all excited barking and racing around the house, playing with their doggie siblings, running back to you for kisses and wooowooo's (in the case of my littlest dog) of delight.  Ahhh, I smile, so glad I have my dogs

Scenerio 2 - Cats: Open door, quiet, walk in looking for Mr. Kitty....dead silence...."heeelllooooo", all quiet except for the sound of your feet walking across the floor...humm, ahh, found cat curled up on the bed, sound asleep.  Go to kitty and say HI KEE KEE (my nickname for my kitty), cat opens eyes, yawns, closes eyes....defeated I walk away.
Alternate ending: cat wakes up, sees you are home, sashays past with a look of disgust because you are late, goes to foodie bowl, sits down, looks at it, looks at you and lets out a LOUD meow demanding runs up, pokes kitty in the back side with his nose, kittie flies 10 ft in the air making a noise only a kitty can make, lands, dog bolts (smart dog), cat darts over to your ankle and bites for blood, races off back to food bowl and looks at you like you are the demons spawn....

Gotta love them dogs!