Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mr. Illegal...

The controversy over the new Arizona SB1070 immigration law has triggered a reaction from me that quite frankly, surprised me.  I knew I was passionate about it but until this new law came to light; I had no idea "how" passionate....Here is a little something I wrote regarding illegal immigration/illegal aliens:

The issue of illegal immigration has touched off a fire storm of emotions and attitudes around our country, but it is most concentrated in our southern border states; with good reason.

If you have taken the time to study up on the situation in say, Arizona, you would see that the passing of the new "tough" immigration law in AZ is a result of rampant crime due to and caused by illegal immigrants and the blatant defiance of the Federal Government to do its job.

The biggest sob story I hear regarding this law is that is will cause racial profiling and will violate the civil rights of citizens. Wrong! I can go into the reason[s] why that is so wrong, but first let me ask you this.

If you lived in Arizona, say 50 miles from the border and you were afraid to leave your home for any length of time because you knew that if you did, when you came back your house would be occupied by illegal aliens and drug runners. Would you still be opposed? It happens and the people around the border are living in constant fear. People that live miles and miles away from the border live in fear.

Then there is the argument that the illegal immigrants are just coming over here to make a better life for themselves. While I have no doubt about this, it is not a good enough reason to knowingly and willfully break our law.

Some illegal immigrants cross illegally into this country to make a better life for themselves and their families, not every single illegal alien is a criminal right…wrong. The argument is, but they are just hard working honest people, they mean no harm. Do you know that these same honest hard working people carry drugs across for the drug cartel? Do you realize that once here they suck up resources from tax paying Americans while paying no taxes? Have you ever researched to see how much of your tax dollar is being spent on people who are not even allowed to be here? If not then I suggest you do so because the number will blow you away. For every American citizen that is homeless because they could not find a job or need help financially or need some assistance and cannot get it because there simply isn’t enough money or resources….you can thank your local illegal alien because THEY have tapped into every conceivable resource out there. Take all that money, funnel it back into resources for American citizens and just think about what that will do for our citizens, our country. What if every dime spent on support for illegal immigrants was instead used to support and help only American citizens….what do you think the result would be. I am betting that it would not be a negative thing.

Then there is the argument that they are doing the jobs Americans won’t do…..really? Are you sure about that? What makes you so sure? Oh I see, it’s because American’s demand a higher wage and that would drive up the cost of food and other services….and that’s a bad thing? Weigh that against what the hiring of illegal immigrants actually cost in both dollars and lives.… you know the consequences of this to our nation, to the illegal aliens that do the work? No? Well let me give you some insight.

The hiring of an illegal alien has a definite and negative ripple effect. For example; the lettuce farmer hires illegal aliens to work in his lettuce fields for a dirt low price of say $2.00 an hour… or maybe .5 cents a head. Name your price, any price so long as it is low. They work sun up to sun down; earning a wage far less than should be acceptable.

But let me back up just a bit and start at the beginning. The illegal alien in Mexico decides he/she wants to come to America for a better life. He wants to go to Arizona. He/she (I’ll use “he” for simplicity) decides he can cross the border illegally and find work. The ball starts rolling. He makes connections to the people known to help people like him cross into the US undetected. There is a price. He decides he does not want to pay or cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars and chooses to cross on his own. Provided he gets that far with out the drug cartels finding out about it and either a. kill him; or b. force him to carry large sums of drugs and or weapons along with him. For now, let’s just say he starts out on his own with one or two of his fellow Mexicans. They carry very little in the way of food, clothing and water. It’s a long walk and they don’t want to be burdened by the extra weight. They start walking from Mexico towards the US border in Arizona. A series of events will take place: 1. they actually make it; 2. they die of dehydration; 3. they are caught by the drug cartel, killed or forced to carry drugs and/or weapons or 3. The US border patrol catches them and sends them back to Mexico. If number 3 happens, the Mexican simply starts planning his next attempt. This time he will pay the drug cartel to get him across. This too is risky because there is no guarantee that you will make it, that your “escort” commonly called a coyote, will stick with you or leave you at the first sign of trouble, all alone with no food or water and no idea how to get to the border.

About paying the drug cartel. I have heard the price is around $2,500 and upwards. If they can’t pay, they carry drugs and or weapons. The drug cartels own the trails into the US from Mexico and believe me when I say they will not tolerate anyone circumventing them to avoid paying or carrying drugs and weapons. This is Mexico; the drug cartels are very real and very dangerous.

Finally Mr. Illegal is in the US (providing they didn’t get caught and have to try yet again – I have heard reports that they will pay and or carry drugs/weapons over and over again until they successfully get across). He finds work at the lettuce farmer’s farm. He works for minimal “dollars”, but he does work. He has no protections against illegal acts from his employer; he will do what he has to do without complaint. He shacks up with 20 or so of his fellow Mexicans in a room. This is where he lives as he cannot afford anything better because he sends all his money back home to Mexico…his HOME. Americans have saved maybe .10cents on lettuce thanks to Mr. Illegal but we have gained much more in drugs and or weapons; thank you Mr. Illegal.

Soon Mr. Illegal wants his family to join him. He has worked for many months and saved much money; he doesn’t have to pay taxes on what he earns for it is all “under the table” and he discovered Welfare and food stamps. Life is looking good so he sends for his family; Wife and 3 minor children. He pays the drug cartel to transport them across. They make it.

Mr. Illegal and family move into government subsidized housing. It’s cheap and better than anything they had in Mexico so they do not complain. One child gets sick, they go to the hospital. Since they don’t speak English the doctor’s have trouble finding the problem. Many tests are run to find little child illegal is very ill and needs an operation. Mr. Illegal says he has no money; however, the hospital cannot deny treatment for this child.

A week in the hospital minor illegal child is released; medical bills go unpaid. Unfortunately, more and more illegal aliens come to the hospital, run up huge bills, but do not and or cannot pay. Hospital is stuck with the bill and is feeling the financial strain.

In the meantime on the other side of town, a person on drugs (provided by Mr. Illegal and family when they crossed into the US) jumps in his car, high as a kite, speeds down the road….runs a stop light; kills a family of 4; thank you Mr. Illegal and family. We now have a hospital with huge unpaid bills, a family of 4 dead, housing denied citizens because there is no room, money denied to citizens because it is going to Mr. Illegal and family, but we saved a few cents on lettuce so that’s ok. Now, multiply that by half a million. That is the approximate number of illegal’s in Arizona ALONE! Just Arizona. Let that sink in for a minute. But wait, there’s more….the story continues…..

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