Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Other Victims of the Gulf oil disaster; What you can do!

Much is being said about the wild life in the Gulf being affected, in horrible ways, by the Gulf oil disaster.  The other side of that story is the domestic house pet....they too are now paying the price.  See below for a message from a Louisiana rescuer and please do what you can to help these innocent animals.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LA: Message from a Louisiana rescuer re big increase in surrendered pets due to oil disaster
Ms. Rocky Gates wrote 6/8:
Again the unseen, unheard victims of yet another tragedy...family pets. With the commercial fishing industry shut down, the oil industry shut down, sport fishing shut down and all of the businesses that support these industries suffering...family pets are being turned in to local animal controls by the dozens. Most of these facilities are high-kill so we know the fate of these poor animals. The parishes in and around New Orleans are yet again feeling the brunt of this latest disaster. Now is the time to consider taking in a southern dog. Unlike when Katrina hit and rescues offered to take in a couple of dogs and were told they had to take in large numbers or none...these shelters will gladly let any reputable, verifiable rescue take one or two dogs. You can contact me and I can put you in contact with the shelters that are starting to receive oil disaster victims.

Rocky Gates
chipp@bellsouth.net (@bellsouth.net)

Chihuahua and Pound Pup's Rescue

Chi & Pound Puppy Rescue of Louisiana
5901 Coulee Road
New Iberia, LA 70560
Phone: 337-367-0316


  1. thanks for posting this, Lisa. It's on my FB wall.

  2. This whole thing is disgusting. The pets are the first to go, right? WHY???!!!!!

  3. thanks for posting it on your FB page!
    Annon: I don't know why and it is soo sad. It's like all of a sudden they are expendable.
    Not in my house! My dogs are family and I'd not surrender them to a kill shelter. I'd starve first...loosing weight would be a good thing for me.
    Help where you can and pray for the rest.

  4. "Help where you can and pray for the rest. "
    How true -- I pray for them all the time-- some nights I can't sleep knowing that so many animals are going thru hell on earth -- us humans were kicked out of the Garden of Eden -- the animals.... were not. And too often, they get treated so abysmally by man"kind".

  5. I hear ya Ace. It breaks my heart and darkens my soul to know what "man" does to the animals.